Judy Crotts

Judy Crotts

Judy Crotts


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Judy Crotts is the Accounting Manager at David Crotts and Associates and co-owner with her husband, David Crotts. She began her career with David Crotts and Associates in 1982, prior to their marriage. During the early years her job was doing anything that needed doing but as the years passed and the business grew, her job became more defined. She works alongside her husband and two daughters and a host of talented employees in a joint effort to maintain the successful business. A native of McCormick and a graduate of Long Cane Academy and Lander University, she has resided in Greenwood since becoming a Lander student in 1980. She is Secretary of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 20, Secretary/Treasurer of the Langley-Edwards Reunion, a member of Harris Baptist Church, and a Phi Mu Alumni. Her hobbies include reading, writing, photography, floating in the pool on hot summer days, traveling with the family, and spending time with friends, family and the two cats that rule her house.